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Aug. 9, 2017

John Kennedy

Éilís, a chara, an bhféadfá teangmháil a dhéanamh liom mar gheall ar an nGlúineach Bhiorach atá ag fás ar an gCeathrú. Beidh an obair ag tosnú go luath.

Website Jul. 28, 2017


Beautiful website Eilis. Interesting and easy to navigate :)

Website Jul. 5, 2017


You are really doing an wonderful work, I will following you all time!

Website May. 25, 2017


What a beautiful site, looks all neat.

Website Apr. 26, 2017


Excellent website. It proved helpful to me!

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I discovered many new things from your website. Thank you for this!

Apr. 30, 2016


Tá muid ag léamh Dúnmharú sa Daingean in ár rang i Nua-Eabhrac le déanaí, agus ag baint an-sult agus pléisiúr as.

Apr. 23, 2016

Jan Armon

This term, in my classes at Drexel University (Philadelphia USA) on the Irish short story, in which I'm using both The Long Gaze Back and the Granta book, the students read 'The Coast of Wales' and 'Midwife to the Fairies'. Although they struggled with
the significance of the fairy story to the modern-day story in 'Midwife', they liked both stories, as do I, and developed respect for you as a writer. These students are 18 and 19, yet 'The Coast of Wales' appealed to them particularly. Thank you for crafting
such lovely art, Ms. Ní Dhuibhne. - Jan Armon

Mar. 30, 2016

Mary G. Johnson

I love your piece on Northanger Abbey; a most wonderful novel which had me laughing out loud.
I cannot agree with your review of The Little Red Chairs which I am reading at present; the dialogue is terrible in places, the narrative voice all over the
place at times. Certainly a bishop in 1950s Ireland would have had his parish spies to tell him of mysterious healers arriving in remote rural parishes but not in the late 20th century.
Maybe this novel will improve but I am reading it out of some perverse
enjoyment of just how bad it is.
I am not alone; my friend's book club thought it terrible and the readers are all very well educated and very well read women.
For a character of menace look to Tignor Niles in Joyce Carol Oates' The Gravediggers Daughter;
a novel which is full of menace and makes chilling reading.
Edna O'Brien's Vlad is ridiculous; there is nothing in the portrayal to suggest that he is a war criminal and as for the yobbos who chase him down; can anyone take seriously a man who buys an
green hat in an Irish airport?
Sorry Eilis Ni Dhuibhne but on this novel we must differ.
I always enjoy your book reviews and have read and enjoyed some of your novels whose names alas I cannot remember;when it is the era of one's travel pass the memory
tends to blur around the edges.
I do not at all mean this rant about The Little Red Chairs as a personal one; apologies if I have offended you but this book so vexes me that I had to communicate it to you who gave this novel such a good review.
Mary G. Johnson

Website Mar. 10, 2015

Deanie Rowan Blank

Dear Dr. Eilis Ni Duibne,

Our friend Joan McBreen has advised that I ask the assistance of an Irish folklorist to assure correct spelling of Irish mythological names in my 4,300 word rhyming iambic pentameter, four line stanza, poem, CUCHULAIN
AND THE TAIN BO CUAILNGE: A CELTIC ILLIAD that is currently under consideration for publication by Artisan House.

This is a great imposition on your professional time and I expect to reimburse you. May I send to you my Cuchulian poem?

thanks for your kind consideration.

Deanie Rowan Blank

Mar. 1, 2015

Dónall Ó Luanaigh

Dia dhuit,Eilís,

Glad to read your preference for the Chaucer lines.They have meant much to me too,ever since I heard Prof. Diarmuid Murphy recite them at a lecture in UCG long ago.
When Norma Jessop and Peter Kenny were getting married in
the month of April ,I quoted these lines at a presentation.Also quoted Browning's 'Oh to be in England now that April's here'.

Of course,I did not mention Eliot's 'April is the cruellest month',even though that often occurs to me in April weather-wise.

gach dea-ghuí

Dónall (Ó L)

Jan. 27, 2015


Dear Mrs. Dhuibhne.
My name is Lizzie, and I'm one of the twenty students at a small writerschool in Denmark. We are going to Dublin on study trip this spring, at the end or march. We were wondering if there could be any possibility, that you would
like to meet a group like us and talk about you books and you writing? That would be amazing!

Sep. 30, 2014

Dónall Ó Luanaigh

Dia Dhuit,ÉIilis,

Very much encouraged by your IT article.
It was like reading that Henry Shefflin was taking lessons in hurling!

When I wished to include a paragraph in Irish in the NLI booklet,I asked three experts to check it-and
received three quite differenr versions.

Mary and I send our good wishes.

Le gach dea-ghuI


Sep. 26, 2014

Brad Hurley

Hello. I just wanted to say that I am reading The Inland Ice for probably the 20th time and enjoying it just as much as I did the first time. I've recommended it to many friends.

Sep. 24, 2014

noel o maolcatha

Your article in today's IT-den scoth.
I am interested in the idea of a strategy to simplify our teanga. I believe that the linguistic gurus who advised early language policy fir the new State were pleased to find a country willing to revive in pure
form an ancient IndoEuropean language.
Following the efforts of O Laighin and myself to get EU recognition for Irsh as an official and working language, I wrote to Eamon O Cuiv suggesting he instigate a movement to simplify the langauge EG. Inwould be
happy to have half our population regulatly, in a bilingual setting, using ---an bad ban, dath an bad ban, ar an bad ban, etc. as opposed to 4% usingvthe perfect version you studied in Buailtin.
If i had your Email I woukd send you my letter to O Cuiv
( not O Caoimh !!!)

Yes Gaeilge does affect the way I think
Praying as gaeilge for me seems to have a calming effect, in a way that English does not !

Oct. 20, 2013

Mary O'Donnell

Beautiful website Eilis. Interesting and easy to navigate, and very informative too. Congratulations.

Mar. 9, 2013

David Quin

Hello Eilis,

I was just catching up on my stack of IT weekend supplements, and reading your Munro review.

What a great review, beautifully written, full of depth yet never labouring (the best kind of light touch), and full of insights
that one can take away. And it made me want not just to read Munro but also (without any self-promotion on her part) the work of the reviewer (can't recall when I last had that desire!).

I stayed once in an Edwardian house on Vancouver Island on the
edge of a cliff near Comox (deer and racoons wandering in through the trees, bald eagles flying past the end of the garden, dolphins sporting in the waves beyond). Unfortunately Alice Munro failed to wander in.

Best regards,